About Us

First of all: We do not hunt ghosts in caves!!

We are a Non-Profit organization that does this only to help people and to have fun. We have hundreds of dollars of equipment that we use for all investigations. The S.P.I.T. Team is not your average paranormal investigation team. We have all trained many hours and spent a lot of time getting ready for our paranormal certifacation.

We are a close knit group that gets along with pretty much anyone around. The amount of people we bring varies due to the size and length of the investigation. We usually come out and look over whatever we will be investigating, then do the investigation several nights later. All investigations are on a case by case basis. We also do emergency investigations, so just send an E-Mail to Sam@Callspit.com. Do not call 911.


Sam About MeSam

Owner/CEO/Chief Investigator

Member Since: 2007



Kirby About MeKirby


Member Since : 2007



Tara About MeTara

Investigator/Evidence Analyst

Member Since: 2010








Spit K9 About MeSpit (K9)

K9 Investigator

Member Since: 2011



Cheryl About MeCheryl

P/T Investigator

Member Since: 2012






Any other questions feel free to ask.